We offer a HA (High Availability) SAN solution accessible in block mode, performance orientated and available in iSCSI over the RPN network. The iSCSI LUNs are directly usable in your VMWare virtual machines with just a few clicks. The storage is geographically distributed in several datacenters with an availability rate of 99.99%.


Extend indefinitely the storage Dedibox your server with the RPN-SAN option. This storage solution is based on a cloud platform connected to very high speed (4x 10Gbit / sec) in RPN network. Proposed iSCSI technology available in SAS / SATA or SSD , used directly on your operating system or as a virtual disk on your local hypervisor, you benefit directly the benefits of the RPN system that offers both performance, privacy and security. Our SAN platform is guaranteed high availability, the storage spaces are replicated throughout our data center, which means in case of failure of one of our cloud, the management of one of our other platform and the guarantee for you to a continuity of service and continuity of your data. recommendations Avoid Data Loss Warning : The iSCSI LUNs should only be installed on one server at a time. Apart from some very specific cases (adapted file system software supporting the cluster mode, etc.), mount a LUN across multiple servers simultaneously will result in data corruption . Any informed person will make backups of important data that it stores in the external service providers. confidentiality We provide daily great care in securing our infrastructure. However, you can add an extra layer of protection by encrypting your data. For example, using LUKS (Linux), they will transit over the network and will be stored on our servers in encrypted form. You alone will hold the key and can decrypt (do not lose it!). If you store sensitive or confidential data, the use of such an encryption mechanism is recommended.