Our Cloud Dedicated Servers Cheap Plans and Pricing

We are providing Cloud dedicated servers in cheap prizes . Our Cloud dedicated servers are support all OS and we are provide you a full root/access . Locations are USA/France/UK/Germany and some more countries . We are providing some more features in our cloud servers , Uptime 100% Guarantee 24/7 Technical support .

Deploy bare metal Cloud Dedicated servers in seconds availability Guarantee 1Gbit/sec . Electricity 24 Hours Available we are Hardworking and providing more and more better service to our clients .

Server CPU Memory Drives Connectivity Price Order
4 Dedicated ARM Cores 2GB 50GBM SSD Disk 1Gbit/s €2.99
4 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores 8GB DDR3 50GB 1 Gbit/sec €11.99
8 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores 50GB SSD Disk or 250GB 1 x 1 TB 5Gbit/s €17.99
8 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores 32GB 50GB SSD Disk or 250GB 5Gbit/s €23.99

All servers are customizable upon checkout. You can reconfigure the memory, drives, uplink, bandwidth and location. Metered Series -Servers with metered bandwidth can be configured to have higher amounts of bandwidth upon checkout. Unmetered Series -Bandwidth on these servers can be upgraded all the way up to 2x 10Gbps Unmetered Uplinks. If you are needing a more customize solution for your project, please fill out our custom quote form.